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organic pharmacy products now available at realhair


at realhair we are proud to announce our new collaboration with the organic pharmacy. the organic pharmacy supplements and hair care products can now be part of your realhair experience.


why have we chosen the organic pharmacy?


realhair’s ethos is strong and clear: treat your hair with the same respect you treat your skin. therefore the organic pharmacy is one of the best partners to deliver the wished results.


what is the organic pharmacy?


beautiful organic ingredients, results-driven products and expert advice. we could never make beautiful products without some special ingredients. naturally our ingredients are certified organic but in addition to being organic we use some very special extracts, over 250 organic medicinal herbs to be precise, but in many products we have our star ingredients which we use over and over again because they are so fantastic. we hope that you really enjoy using these products and that they help restore health, vitality and wellbeing to you.

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