hair miles are taking off

download realhair and blo apps and earn 1,000 hair miles instantly




   hair miles are earned on all services

   at any of our family locations


   - download realhair app book your

   appointment and earn 500 hair miles


   - download blo app book your appointment

   and earn 500 hair miles



realhair & blo apps are now available


you can book the service, staff member, and time that works for you—our apps are open, even when we're closed.

once you have confirmed your booking you will receive a notification via email or text so you can easily add it to your calendar.




hair miles


realhair and blo by realhair care about your hair and value your loyalty which is why we have created hair miles. earn one hair mile for every pound spent at any of our family locations. redeem hair miles and enjoy the amazing choices below.



500 hair miles

colour gloss treatment

kerastase fusio treatment

file and polish




2,000 hair miles

hair up at realhair

bespoke facial at realhair

massage at realhair




5,500 hair miles

cut, colour and blo dry

at realhair




1,000 hair miles


classic pedicure

blow dry at realhair


2,500 hair miles

cut and blowdry

at realhair


6,500 hair miles

smoothing treatment

at realhair


3,000 hair miles

tint and blo dry

at realhair


1,500 hair miles

gel polish with removal

gel polish by artistic


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